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Terry and Gary Marcer love adventure, and they love to meet the many adventurous and interesting people who call Ignacio Springs Bed and Breakfast home for as long as they want to stay. The expatriate Canadian couple have owned and personally run this unique destination since 2001, before that they operated a Bed and Breakfast property in beautiful Northern British Columbia for eight years.

Photo of Terry and Gary Marcer from Ignacio Springs

Visitors from all over the world appreciate the friendly professionalism that has built their exemplary reputation. Many ask why they uprooted from their homeland and settled on the Baja peninsular. Terry’s explanation is compelling; “We’d been visiting the Baja for 7 years when in 2000 we finally stopped in Ignacio Springs for an overnight stay. We camped next door to the property that we now own. 

"We swam, fished, boated and just had such a good time, we just couldn’t leave"

After a discussion with the owner of the campground, we discovered that there was an opportunity to live and move our business to this extraordinarily beautiful oasis, we started our plans straight away and over the years have built Ignacio Springs into the success it is today.”

Their accommodation fit perfectly amongst the palm grove

Wanting the property to be a unique experience, Terry and Gary chose Mongolian-style yurts for their accommodation because they fit perfectly into the natural openings within and amongst the palm grove without having to remove any live trees. The palms on the property have existed for 300 years, the couple thought it an eco-crime to even contemplate removing them. 

Ignacio Springs has been created to complement the environment, it seems almost a part of the natural beauty of it’s location. 

A literal oasis for those who enjoy nature and tranquility.

Once you stay, you’ll soon learn that there’s so much more to Terry and Gary than being convivial and generous hosts. The couple also have vast experience of guided excursions and are expanding their business into taking clients on completely outfitted guided tours to experience the many unique adventures within easy reach of the property.


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A wonderful time, and great food

‍Thank you so much for a wonderful time, and great food. Gary was an outstanding guide. We will always remember you. Hope to be back again…. 

The Henningsen Family of Denmark

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